Is It Time To Backup Yet?

The correct answer is you ran a backup yesterday or last weekend.  Your answer should never be: We don’t have no stinkin’ backups! We don’t have to show you no backups!

What is a backup?  A backup is another copy of your files in case the disk drive dies.  It can be just the files in your user folder copied to a usb drive or it can be a image backup, made with Acronis True Image that copies the disk in it’s entirety.  An image backup can be restored on a new disk resulting in a working installation of Windows, the programs and your files.
At first thought, you might say you don’t need to protect your pc because there isn’t anything on your computer. Do you have any photos on your computer? If you have taken the time to store items on your computer, these items have some value. Take the time to make a backup. I take photos at all the family gatherings & I don’t want to lose them. I spent the time to record all of my music cds into iTunes. I don’t want to undertake that effort again because it took me months. I don’t have the disks for all my programs & I don’t wish to buy them again so I make regular backups of my personal files. I also make periodic full disk image backups with Acronis that allow me to restore everything if my hard drive crashes.
Backup can be purchasing a USB stick & dragging your files to it. You might purchase a Seagate Free Agent or Western Digital My Passport backup drive. These drives contain software that you install. Once the software is installed, backups occur automatically every time you connect the Free Agent or My Passport to your computer. Plug the drive in at the end of the day or end of the week and backup happens. I don’t recommend using your backup drive for additional storage.
If you have a business, you should sign up for a cloud backup service like Magnusbox. The USB backup drive keeps a single version of your files. Magnusbox keeps every version of each file in your backup. If you need to see the spreadsheet from last quarter, you can pull that up. Since the backup folder isn’t located on your pc, you are protected in the event an encrypting virus locks your computer files.

One of the most common problems I see in the shop is failing hard drives.  Please backup your files before you can’t.  At my office at 4807 Scotts Valley Drive, I can show you how to regularly make backups.