No Toolbars

Say No Toolbars

Lately, infected computers have toolbars, registry cleaners and pc speed tools. No Toolbars is good toolbars to me. The registry cleaners and speed boosters claim your pc will be faster if you pay them $$$. These product make a big show but little actual improvement. My question is why You are willing to let unknown persons look around YOUR COMPUTER?  Many computers have unneeded software and registry entries.  You should leave your registry alone. Do you know know which registry items to delete and which to keep?  Leave the registry alone.

A program on your computer is like a book on the shelf at the library.   If you don’t take it off the shelf and read it, it does not cause any harm or slow the computer down. If your disk isn’t full, it’s not worth the time to scrub all of this stuff off your system.   Viruses & Malware always start themselves and must be removed before they can damage Windows or your information.  The worst offenders are the Ransomwares.  They encrypt your files and demand $300-500.  There are 25 kinds of ransomware in the wild.  

No Toolbars

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, ASK  all want to give you a toolbar. Say No Toolbars! Anti-virus programs install toolbars to provide site ratings.  Acrobat reader want you to have the ASK toolbar. These toolbars are generally safe but unnecessary.  I don’t everyone trying to install a toolbars for us. A toolbar can be used to track you or filter your results through their systems.  With so many toolbars are available and I frequently see browsers with 3 or more toolbars installed.  

The toolbars are always in the header of your browser.  With screens are not as tall as they used to be, multiple toolbars will shrink the useable space in your browser.  Toolbars that offer free stuff like background images, screen savers, coupons and other free items, I avoid. 

The Infected Computers I fixed often have one of following Toolbars: Inbox, Widgi, Crawler, Conduit, My Fun Web, Fun Web Products and the Freeze toolbar.  Computers with the Freeze toolbar have the most trouble.


To disable a toolbar in Microsoft Internet Explorer,   Click on tools > Manage add-ons   See the image below.   (The tools button is the small gear in the upper right.)

In the right pane, are listed active toolbars.    When you click on an active toolbars in the top right pane,  the disable button becomes active.   Click disable and the toolbar will no longer be loaded.

Restart Internet Explorer to complete your changes. 

These settings are also on the Internet Options Control Panel. It is on the Programs tab.



no toolbars


no toolbars